my name is kellie. 20 years old. victoria, australia. i have a regular tumblr: i have been overweight all my life. i am making a change, and a public promise to myself that i will never be again.

goals & stats:

age: 20
height: 166cm approx
CW: 90kg
GW: 75kg
LW: 90kg

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Today has been a good day. I have had a whole bunch of energy that I’ve used to my advantage by doing about an hours worth of exercise :)

Breakfast - 1 cinnamon donut (340 cal)

Lunch - 250mL slimright chocolate shake (121 cal)

Snack - 1 cup of pineapple pieces (92 cal)

Dinner - Sweet/sour chicken with plain fried rice (400 cal, approx)

1 large fried dim sim (300 cal)

5 prawn crackers (100 cal)

200mL fanta (92 cal)

Total calories consumed - 1445

Exercise - Elliptical - 15 mins (51 cal burnt)

Treadmill - 50 mins (252 cal burnt)

Total calories burnt - 303

Will update this post after dinner :)